When I read the description of the online course Living in the Gift from Charles Eisenstein, I thought how great it would be to do it together with friends. To watch the sessions together. To talk about our individual take on the current topic. And to figure out what this could mean for a new economy, for our communities and for our own private lives.

We will meet online once a week every Monday at 19:00. Then we are going to watch the session with short breaks to share our thoughts. At 20:00 we are going to start the discussion part about the session, sharing our experiences and thoughts and talking about possibilities for new economies, communities and ourselves and how we work, and how we make a living.

You are free to watch the course materials separately and only join us for the discussion, or to only join us for the sessions you find particularly interesting.

Join us to explore the transition from an age of scarcity and separation,
to an age of abundance, community, and gift.

Letter from Charles

You've probably already read the course description and have some idea of what motivates you to commit to this program. If you aren't sure, here are some of the results that I hope this experience will bring. Some or all may be relevant to you:

  • A widening of the channel of giving and receiving
  • Practical skills in conducting life in the spirit of gift
  • New recognition of your gifts
  • Greater expression of your gifts
  • Increased alignment of your gifts with their purpose
  • A stronger sense of belonging and at-home-ness
  • Abatement of fear around giving and receiving
  • Understanding of how to serve a cultural transition toward gift
  • "Aha!" realizations about money, self, and nature
  • Greater abundance, generosity, and gratitude in your life

This course is designed to be something that works on you, with modest time commitment. The only "homework," so to speak, is the seed questions/mantras that are included within each session module on the left. You could say that the results will come as a gift. All that is required is your presence, your attention, and most importantly your willingness to receive it.


Additional thoughts on this common coursing

With Lightwave we are building a digital marketplace for the sustainable and regenerative food supply chain. While this common coursing is not focused on an economic model for the Lightwave marketplace, we want to use this opportunity to explore possibilities with a real example and hopefully integrate some of the insights into the marketplace.

If this is successful, I’d like to approach other courses in a similar manner. For example the Currency Design Course from the Commons Engine.